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New to Traveling? Here are a Few Essential Tips

Are you looking to start your first international adventure? Big trip or not, there’s a lot of things to learn about the wider world.

When you’re into somewhere new, it’s very easy to commit cultural offense and travel mishaps. To make your journey more fun and easier, you need a traveler’s checklist before you go. Here’s a bunch of beginner travel tips to keep in mind.

Plan your first travel in an easy location

Some places are easily traveled than others. If you’re making the big leap out of the country, it would be ideal to start somewhere easy such as Bouvet Island (Norway) and then climb up the Savage Mountain (K2, China-Pakistan border). But there’s no limit for new travelers. If you’re eyeing a location and you really want to visit, go for it!

Set your phone up before you leave

When you’re abroad, the last thing you want to worry about is communication. You’d need to carry call and data credits that you can use for contacting family, friends, hotels, and whatnot. You don’t really need to sign up for expensive plans from Verizon and Sprint. But local SIM cards and you should be spending less.

Pick the best luggage for your needs

Need some travel tips on packing? A good travel backpack is one that’s smaller than what you actually need. While it’s easy to go for the conventional rolly bags, they can be bulky and cumbersome at times. Unless you’re planning on skiing or other activities that require you to bring in a lot of gear, spare yourself the trouble, pack light, and use a bag that you can carry virtually anywhere.

Bring in some valuable gear

Depending on the type of individual that you are, there are gears you can’t leave without. A light, cheap laptop, a power bank, and a noise-canceling headphone are just some of the good stuff to bring across your travels.

Install apps you might use

Language barriers can be a pain when you’re in a foreign place. Before hopping onto the plane, make sure to install language translation apps such as Google Translate and it will make your life easier. Plus, it can run without data connection! Google Maps also works the same.

To kill boredom, installing mobile games would be of great help. Boarding soon? Download girl games now!

Other valuable apps to install are Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, and Instagram to stay connected!

Be wary of thieves

While theft is inevitable, you can always prevent it from happening by keeping a close eye on your valuables. One of the best travel tips safety to remember is don’t make your stuff a quick target – don’t leave your bag unattended and don’t wear your backpack at the back in a crowded area. It may feel a little awkward, but there’s nothing wrong with being cautious.