How To Avoid Loneliness As A Single Person

Turn on the TV and just about every sitcom portrays a single person as a pitied, lonely, broken shell of a person. Now, it is truly breaking up is often excruciatingly painful, and people want the pain to just evaporate. However, the experience a person has after a breakup is not the essence of a single person’s life.

Single people can be envied by their married counterparts when it comes to some matters. The amount of freedom a single person possesses is unparalleled. Surveys show that single people tend to be more social and also have more free time to themselves than married couples. A single person can choose how they spend their free time like playing Clash Royale all night without having to ask for permission or approval.

A survey concluded that single people have 14 more hours of time to themselves during a week. What would a busy mom do to have free time to herself? Definity not hoverboards from Subway Surfers. Ask for it on Mother’s Day! When women were asked what gift they would like for mother’s day it was not a luxe purchase, flowers, or a nice meal. On Mother’s Day, the number one gift that women asked for was time to themselves!

Solitude can be a gift in and of itself. Single people know this secret. Time spent alone is a wonderful resource for some creative endeavors. It is harder to let the most riveting thoughts flow if you have to deal with constant interruptions. It is similar to the reason that many artists find that the creative juices flow a bit easier at night. When others are sleeping and you are not being bombarded by an onslaught of requests, you can typically accomplish more.

A single person can more easily choose their company. Friends and family can take precedence. You do not have to turn down someone’s invitation because you made a prior commitment to your spouse. You do not have to explain why it is necessary to have a night out with friends. If you want to stay out all night, there is not an angry partner who demands an explanation. You are free to do as you choose. There is no one trying to mold you into the person that they really wished they had married. It is never healthy to live in a relationship where you feel like you have completely lost yourself in another person. If someone can not appreciate you for the unique and spirited individual that you are, you would probably be much happier with playing Mobile Legends without that person being in your life.

Being single does not have to be a curse. Pop culture makes quite an argument against being happily single. This argument overlooks the good bits of being single. Having more opportunities to be social, extra free time to yourself, and not having to ask a spouse’s permission can be wonderful perks of being single. Freedom to be wholeheartedly yourself is a gift! Just as there are good things about being in a healthy, loving relationship, there are also good things about being single.